Un caffè con Plinio il Giovane

 - Parenti District

Un caffè con Plinio il Giovane

Dove: Café Rouge directions
Quando: April 9th - 14th | h 3.30 pm

Everyday, Mario Prandina, known professionally as Plinio il Giovane, will be telling the stories of those who, working behind the scenes, played a fundamental role in the realization of ideas and furniture that have become famous all over the world. The protagonists of these stories are craftsmen, smiths, carpenters and professionals who usually work “behind the scenes”. We will talk about the magical world of Brianza (northern area of Milan), where ancient craftsmanship is handed down from father to son, about the noisy looms of the Gastaldi Textile Industry that from five generations producess heets with fourhundred threads per square centimetre and also about glass art is an slike Martino Vertova and ecologically innovative materials.

The program

April 9th at 3.30 pm
guest Abele Vadacca | a marble artist who will present his interpretation of the Bea chair

April 10th at 3.30 pm
guest Daniel Von Aufsess | the process behind the creation of a led light that benefits the health

April 11th at 3.30 pm
guest Serena Omodeo | Gilberto Colombo and pipe products forc ompetition

April 12th at 3.30 pm
guest Marco Burki | the creation of alittle boutique hotel

April 13th at 3.30 pm
guest Marco Gastaldi | behind the scenes of the prestigious italian textile scene

April 14th at 3.30 pm
guest Daniel Meda | behind the scenes of Plinio il Giovane’scarpentry




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