The Design City

Dove: Café Rouge directions
Quando: April 14th | h 12pm

presentation of the book The Design City
by Marco Sammicheli and Anna Mainoli
in conversation with Stefano Boeri, Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda, Giulio Iacchetti, Odoardo Fiorvavanti

Design in Milan is a physical and palpable presence that can be seen in all work places: in the designer’s studios, or factories where the objects from their activity are rendered, or even in the moment where all of these elements come together at the Salone del Mobile. Forma Edizioni wants to represent this important and enormous patrimony with the publication The Design City, which describes the indissoluble link between the city and the industrial fabric in the designers’ own words. The volume is a large choral, visual, and autobiographical portrait that reconstructs the birth and development of a unique and irreparable reality that only a city like Milan, which has always opted for innovation and creativity, could allow to be created.

The Design City is a survey of the transformation of the profession through the work places of designers. This ranges from the post-war masters to emerging professionals who have been able to establish and maintain a privileged bond with Milan and local companies while also creating an international relevance over time.




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