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Seganti Arreda

Dove: Via Lazzaro Papi, 12 directions
Quando: April 9th - 14th | 10am >7.30pm

Tucurinca, the colombian design chair

This year for the Design Week, Seganti Arreda decided to broaden the horizons, thanks to a new partnership with Tucurinca created the installation: Tuturinca, the colombian design chair. Tuturincais a furniture brand thataims to rescue the traditionalwovenchairs from Caribbean Colombia whileat the same time reinventing the techniques and showing innovation through the materials. The premium design in pvc rope, cotton rope, rattan and even banana leaves, are created for both indoor and outdoors use. Everything is handmade and made to last. The Colombians are faithful to their tradition of weaving. Over the years this ancestral knowledge has been present in rural areas however people have adapted the original techniques using non-traditional materials. Plastic ropes and threads, suchaszuncho and cabuya and other materials originally used in banana plantations in the Caribbean region, which are now the main concept for chair making.


The chosen place for the installation Tuturinca, the colombian design chair, is Seganti Arreda, a corner furniture shop with 7 windows and 100 m2 of exhibitionspace in wich are disposed kitchens, fornitures and design lamps. It obtained different recognition throug the yearssuchas the “Bottega Storica” award in 2015 from Comune di Milano and the “Negozio Storico” award in 2016 from Regione Lombardia and it’s constantly attached to the life of the city and itscitizens.

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