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Rossella Rossi: home and artist’s studio

 - Parenti District
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Rossella Rossi: home and artist’s studio

Dove: Piazza Medaglie d'oro, 1 directions
Quando: April 9th - 14th | h 1pm > 7pm

A water journey through painting, architecture and design.

I’ve always been fascinated by the magic of water and the vitality of the sea. Rossella Rossi, painter of water, keeps open house in her home and artist’s studio in the Parenti district on the occasion of the building’s centennial and Milano Design Week 2019. Her atelier is housed in a historic Milanese palazzoknown asCastelletto (“small castle”) for its distinctive chimneys and sculptures, emblematic of the late Art Nouveau style.

A virtual water journey connects Teatro Franco Parenti and its swimming resort, Bagni Misteriosi, heart and soul of the Parenti district, to Liguria-born artist/biologist Rossella Rossi’s atelier and marine inspiration. Here, past and present join hands in conceiving a space that is both functional and eclectic, where visitors will be able to explore the shapes and hues of water through Rossella’s canvases, in complete harmony with the furnishings and objets d’art of architect François Muracciole, who designed the studio and created the artefacts in his own, Parisian atelier, under the aegis of his maison d’édition, Assemblage-m – a maison he founded with the aim of creating objects and furnishings expressly designed for a specific architectural project.

This orchestration of artwork, furnishings and ambience is further enhanced by, a brand representing Italian excellence in manufacture and design, providing made-to-measure furnishings like the iconic Montanara sofa by Gaetano Pesce, a limited edition whose waterfall motif virtually flows into the liquid elements of Rossella Rossi’s art.

Moreover you will admire two metal artworks by Ron Arad, three sculptures  of  glass and iron by Lorenzo Passi and an armchair  made of steel and cotton by Sabrina Baldacchini.

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