Pollaio Contest

In collaboration with the Lighea Onlus Foundation

On the occasion of the Parenti District Art & Design, the Franco Parenti Theatre and the Lighea Foundation are going to launch a contest for the design of a new generation poultry pen that will be created and installed inside the outdoor spaces of the Franco Parenti Theatre and which will be hosting Araucana hens.

The project was conceived in collaboration with the Lighea Foundation, a non-profit organization that deals with the social and work reintegration of people with mental illness. The poultry pen will be managed by the patients of the Foundation.

The contest is aimed at under 40’s participants among architects, designers, holders of a diploma or university degree, freelancers, students, enthusiasts of the sector, Italian or foreign citizens, solos or in associated form.

The projects will have to reflect the philosophy of the Foundation and recall, possibly, the symbol of the blue egg.

Why a blue egg?
The egg is a compact shape, similar to a sphere, strong and fragile at the same time: it does not break if compressed but it shatters down if dropped. The egg of the Araucana hen shares these characteristics with all its counterparts but distinguishes itself by the blue colour of its shell. What a better image to symbolically represent the diversity of those suffering from mental illness? People who think, feel and suffer like everyone else but whose gaze casts different colours on life?

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