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Opening Days of Night – Nights of Day

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Opening Days of Night – Nights of Day

Dove: c | e contemporary, via Gerolamo Tiraboschi, 2/76 directions
Quando: April 11th | h 6.30pm > 9pm
The artist, Elena Chernyshova, will be present and available for interviews.

Elena Chernyshova
Days of Night – Nights of Day

by Christine Enrile

The first Italian personal show of Russian documentar photographer Elena Chernyshova. A selection of shots taken to present the life of the people of Norilsk, one of the largest cities of the Polar Circle, that can only be reached by airways and water ways only when navigation is possible. The report ismotivated by the desire to investigate the man adaptationability under conditions of isolation, ecologica ldisasters and extreme climate. c|econtemporary gallery host artistic and cultural exhibitions in order to provide a meeting point between those who produce and those who love art and culture in thei rdifferent forms of expression.


Around the headquarters


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