Tribute to Ettore Sottsass

Dove: Sala Grande directions
Quando: April 9th | h 6.30 pm

Presentation of the new book by Ettore Sottsass
Molto difficile da dire, published by Adelphi
with the participation of the editor Matteo Codignola
reading by Roberto Rustioni

«Da prendere sul serio c’è molto poco» , Comunisti, africani e barcamenosi, La ceramica delle tenebre, Pietre cadute nei prati, Soft Typewriter. To describe the world of Ettore Sottsass, sometimes the titles he chose for his – very different – texts would suffice. And if it generally would be natural to say that the writings appeared after the age of thirty mark the transition to maturity, in his case the sentence inevitably ends up playing empty. From the early sixties, Sottsass in fact begins to think and write, as the great architect and designer he’s becoming, on his many loves, from Le Corbusier to Dada, on his job and on the restless world in which he is living and working in. In the meantime he travels – to Greece, India, Egypt -, he plans, experiments, photographs, every time moving towards an irresistibly eccentric direction. For the many enthusiasts of the obvious, of the programmatic, of the ritual, travelling with him may not be easy: for anyone else, it is an unforgettable experience.
By Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007), one of the most important figures in contemporary design, Adelphi published Foto dal finestrino (2009), Scritto di notte (2010) and Per qualcuno può essere lo spazio (2017).




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