Italian touch, a new generation

 - Parenti District

Italian touch, a new generation

Dove: Teatro Franco Parenti directions
Quando: April 9th - 14th | h 7 pm

curated by Maria Vittoria Capitanucci

Italian Touch is a platform to give space and visibility to the work and research of young Italian designers. Teatro Franco Parenti chose a wide range of international advisors to find young budding designers and creative talents, protagonists of the contemporary Italian panorama. Michele De Lucchi, Silvia Barisione, Arthur Huang, Susanna Legrenzi, Fabio Novembre, Silvia Robertazzi and Paolo Ulian generously suggested new talents, whom will receive the opportunity of narrating their own creating processes through various means: presentations, movies, installations, between local and worldwide, digital and analogical, high-tech and handmade and so on…


April 9th at 8.15 pm
Davide Biancucci, referred by Susanna Legrenzi, journalist and indipendentresearcher.

April 10th at 7 pm
Matteo Di Ciommo, referred by Michele De Lucchi, designer, architect and scholar.

April 12th at 5 pm
Cara \ Davide segnalati da Mosca Partners

April 12th at 7 pm
Jacopo Farina, referred by Silvia Robertazzi, Milano Design Film Festival MDFF’sfounder.

April 13th at 6 pm
Aphos, referred by Fabio Novembre, architect and designer.

April 13th at 8 pm
Paolo Giacomazzi, referred by Migliore e Servetto, architects.

April 14th at 5 pm
Lorenzo Paoli, referred by Arthur Huang, engineer, Miniwiz’sfounder.




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