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Giardino delle culture

 - Parenti District
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Giardino delle culture

Dove: Via Emilio Morosini, 8 directions
Quando: April 9th - 14th | 9.30am >7.30pm

Promote art, beauty and innovation with the preparations in collaboration with Plinio il Giovane. Outdoor collection with Day Bed, Eclectic, tables and chairs
Scaglie d ‘artist by Abele Vadacca | Marble scales belonging to a primordial block of a work by the Master Sculptor reinterpreted by students become new projects. The Bea chair transformed into a work of art.

Waxewul – Learn to live in color, starting with what you wear! | The tradition, the colors and the cultural baggage of African Wax fabrics, in the Milanese fashion environment.

La Casa dei Sensi | A small building in iron and glass thanks to a brilliant installation system can be transported in a van. Created by Antonino Scarano of the historic OFFICINE SCARANO.

Musical vibrations | An unprecedented sensory experience; relax on a rocking chair, equipped with the HBE (Human Body Equalizer), a vibro-acoustic system to test the perceptive association between music and the physicality of acoustic vibrations designed by Emanuele Chianesi and Paola Carassai, specialized in biological medicine, owner of IMBIO.

The Garden of Cultures in via Morosini, is an area of 1,250 square meters that from a disused urban and degraded fragment devoid of functionality is now a public space destined to cultural and recreational activities, thanks to the economic contribution of the benefactor Lino Faccincani. Municipio 4 (Municipality of Milan), welcomed the project of Artàmica and its president Alessandro Pellarin to be a place for the dissemination of art and culture of beauty. Garden Association of Cultures NOW, whose members are the XXII Marzo Committee, Rotary North Milan, Easi Group and Ugolini Carabinieri Association, manages it. The area is framed by the two murals created by the writer Millo. # flussidartesocialenellecittà

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