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Galleria Zanuso

 - Parenti District
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Galleria Zanuso

Dove: Corso di Porta Vigentina, 26 directions
Quando: April 9th - 14th

Circus acrobats in white and blue glass, trapeze artists in submerged glass, clowns in zanfirico glass, stylized Commedia dell’Arte masks in green, red, Murano-yellow and Lagoon-brown glass. This is the description of Silvia Finiel’s lamps, a french artist who’s been living in Murano for 30 years. Finiel’s sculpture lamps are built with wisdom and originality and bring back to life the work of great masters that would otherwise be forgotten.
Domenico Cicchetti’s photographs give the impression of being antique. This is firstly due to their composition and, secondly, to the use of one of the oldest printing processes, cyanotype. In this exhibition Cicchetti focuses on two subjects: protected sites and Milan.

Around the headquarters


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