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Quando: April 11th - 13th | tue 6pm > 10pm | fri-sat 10.30am > 1pm / 3pm > 8.30pm

Elena Chernyshova: Days of Night – Nights of Day

The first Italian personal show of Russian documentary photographer Elena Chernyshova, a selection of shots taken, between 2012 and 2013, to present the life of the people of Norilsk, one of the largest cities of the Polar Circle located in Siberia, 1700 feet above sea level with a population of 170,000 inhabitants. The photographic series shows how life flows in this city that can only be reached by waterways and airways only when navigation is possible. The report is motivated by the desire to investigate the man adaptation ability under conditions of isolation, ecological disasters and extreme climate. The exhibited works demonstrates the constant battle of adjusting to difficult living conditions. The artist brings us face to face with landscapes and private moments of the populationlife, conveying the feelings of oppression and claustrophobia of this reality. Born in Moscow in 1981, the artist developed a passion for the photographic medium during her studies at the Academy of Architecture. For the Russian artist, photography is the perfectinstrument to show her vision of the world. The shots, with a documentary format, are sometimes tough and without filters, sometimes almost poetic, trying to reduce the struggle of this reality.


c|e contemporary is based in Milan, in the central area of Porta Romana.Artistic and cultural exhibitions and events are hosted in the exhibition space, developing cultural projects of national and international importance, most of them with the collaboration of public and private institutions of other countries. The c|e contemporary team organizes expositive itineraries which include both artists who have already written a page in art history, in their relatively linguistic context, and artists belonging to a contemporary middle generation, who have already achieved their aesthetic research and their theoretical thought. Theequipe also promotes exhibits of a selection of young emerging artists. c|e contemporary philosophy is to provide a meeting point between those who produce and those who love art and culture in their different forms of expression.

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