Around the Water

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Around the Water

Dove: Pool and changing rooms of Bagni Misteriosi directions
Quando: April 8th, h 8pm > 12pm | April 9th - 14th, h 2pm >10pm

Mosca Partners presents a journey of discovery through Italian and Swedish design across the indoor and outdoor spaces of Bagni Misteriosi’s swimming pool and theatre.

Rooms House – Rum, Swedish Architecture and Design Magazine

A modular 23 x 23 feethouseisplaced on the deck of the pool at Bagni Misteriosi in a attempt to generate reflection on the household room of the future in a setting designed to meet the needs of daily life, betweenmobility and flexibility, for a daily situation thatwitnessescontinuouschange. Rum alsolaunchesitsinternational English-languageedition.

Outdoor Diversity – Konstfack University of Crafts, Arts and Design of Stockholm

Furnishings for public spaces are oftensimilar and uniformregardless of theirdistinctfunctions. An exhibition by the University of Konstfackoffers new perspectives on creatingexternalspacesthatrespecttheircorresponding social and situationalneeds, polesapart from currentpractices and theiruniformization of spaces.

Manifest Pine – Malmstens Linköping University

Students from Malmstens Linköping Universityrespond to a challenge for new typologies of public seatingthat take intoconsideration the surroundingenvironment, eventuallybecomingitssymbol. In such a way the Manifest Pineexhibitionclaims the role and value of urbanfurnishings of the spacesthatoften render themdevalued.

Swedish design brands

Changing room cabins at Bagni Misteriosi become full-fledged showrooms where intern Swedish design brands each present an iconic product of theirs. Exhibiting brands include Materia, Ogeborg, Dahl Agenturer, Nola Industries, Fogia, Holmquistsign, Jangir Maddadi Design, Bureau, Attila Suta, Cake Bike, Fjällräven, Johanson Design, Ekdahls. Magnetolamps by valued partner Foscarini anddesigned by Giulio Iacchetti illuminate the objects on view.

Directed by Fabio Cherstich with the actorsof Centro Teatro Attivo, Milan

Into the Rooms House, several performers from the Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan perform sequences of actions in continuous cycles that reflect, with irony, on the creative possibility of living, furnishing and changing a versatile space.

Poolside, April 9 – 13 , 5pm – 9pm

The exhibition focuses on the anthropological theme of Eros, interpreted broadly and explored through thirteen project models, together with as many corresponding videos. The works were designed by students at Polytechnic University of Milan’s School of Design during a workshop held by Michele De Lucchi, Francesca Balena Arista and Mario Greco and with support from Marco De Santi, Marta Cecchi and Giuseppe Arezzi.




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